Who is the culprit?

A Guru and his disciple named Sarthak decided to go for a stroll.

During this stroll, they chose to observe silence for a period of two hours to enjoy the natural beauty and introspect. While they were walking in silence, they saw a beautiful river, magnificent mountains, and alluring clouds flowing over their head. The sweet fragrance of flowers was spreading in the environment. The surroundings were nothing but rejuvenating to the core.

In this relaxing morning, the discourse held by the Guru started to reverberate in Sarthak’s mind. In the tranquillity that he felt during this time, he was inspired and pledged to be away from 3 Ws- Wine, Women and Wealth. He was repeating the pledge along with that day’s teaching in his mind as he prepared himself to follow everything them diligently.

Suddenly, it started raining quite heavily. It was pouring so profusely that in no time the pleasantly flowing river transformed into an angry serpent ready to swallow whatever came in her way. Petrified of nature’s fury, both guru and the disciple decided to return and increased their pace to reach the ashram quickly. After a few moments of brisk-walking, they saw an old woman trying to cross the river in vain. She had no courage to step into the fast-flowing river. Sarthak started to walk towards the woman to help her but suddenly, as if remembering something, he took his step back. He recalled that he had taken a pledge not to touch any woman. To his utter surprise, the Guru leapt ahead of him and approached the woman. He carried the old woman in his arms and crossed the river. Sarthak waited for him to return.

As the Guru returned, they resumed their journey. From that moment onwards, Sarthak could not enjoy his journey. He grew upset. He started asking a number of questions to himself.

Is this guru fit for me?

He is not following his own teachings; he touched a woman, which is forbidden.

Why did he do that?

Why he touched that woman? …and so on…

Whose fault?

Finally, they reached the ashram and the two-hour silence vow ended.

The first question that Sarthak asked his guru was, “Why did you touch that woman and carry her?”

He continued, “You only preached us against this…”

The guru replied with a smile on his face, “Sarthak, but you are still carrying her on your shoulders. Tell me who is at fault?”

Exactly, who is at fault?

This is the big question. Similar situations keep occurring in our daily lives. This is how the inner conflict creates a chaos in our lives and diminishes the self -belief. Self-doubt can ruin one’s confidence. To remain peaceful is vital for professional and personal growth. People do not realise that more than anything else their own negative self-talk is pulling them down. Most of the people know this Gyan but it is ironical that they are unable to apply in their lives.

As we keep repeating the similar behaviour, over the years it gets engraved in our consciousness. It becomes difficult to break the pattern. Procrastination, poor time management, demotivation, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety; all are the symptoms of an underlying negative blueprint. It is not a threatening disease but it certainly needs some attention.

We at soul symphony provide you with that much-needed attention. We help you overcome your fears and doubts. With all the assistance, support, motivation and counselling that we offer, you start leading a positive and inspired life. The life-skill coaches at our outset take you on a journey of absolute self-discovery.

With us, you have nothing to lose except your doubts and fears!

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