"I faced many problems due to my lack of confidence but when I heard about Soul Symphony and Ms. Jyoti Arya, I knew I had to meet her. My first meeting with her was a magical experience and the sessions that followed have had a huge impact on my life and overall personality. Our interactions have transformed the way I think and deal with situations. Its like an instant boost to my self confidence and self perception. Sometimes words aren’t able to do justice to your emotions and feelings. That’s exactly how I feel when I think about Soul Symphony and Ms. Arya."
"When you hear about a life coach, your first thought is I dont need any… how could anybody help in my life problems….but when I met jyoti mam my perspective changed…her sessions turned out to be really relaxing and motivating….the exercises used by her are interesting and fruitful ….her charming personality is the cherry on the cake…"
Dr. Shilpa
"Coaching by Jyoti was immensely valuable in prioritizing important aspects of life, to get more clarity in thoughts, to lower the stress level, which has helped in personal and professional growth. I would strongly recommend Jyoti to anybody looking to improve the stress level and have a better quality of life."
Lata Shetty
"Jyoti is an incredible Professional coach. She conducted individual coaching sessions for our employees at our Bangalore office and they were extremely useful, not only in unlocking the self-confidence but they also provided a different way of thinking and approaching work and personal life to our entire team. The 3 day program had personal coaching sessions and group sessions for team building , improving communication and increasing effectiveness . Each one of the team members has become far more confident and in fact happier within themselves. Productivity and efficiency of the team has increased drastically. We cannot thank you enough for helping us through the coaching program."
Founder Trophykart, Bangalore
"Jyoti is a coach at heart, and a true professional in her field. She beautifully combines inspiration, motivation and up to date, intricate knowledge of team building and coaching. As an entrepreneur, I was facing challenges in managing the employees and serious issues in terms of communication and productivity. We had a 3 day coaching program with her and she helped our team to work more effectively by improving communication in a way that significantly increased our productivity. As a consequence, we experienced improvement in employee morale and performance. As an outcome of my coaching session, I have learned how to improve my leadership skills and manage my employees more effectively."
Founder Frontfoot Sports Management, Bangalore
"Jyoti is an angel that happened to me.I was in a phase of life where I couldn’t take decision everything was so confusing. She guided me very well and today I am much confident and happier. She is a very good listener and shared easy techniques to follow. I would definitely recommend Jyoti as a Coach."
"There comes a time when you feel stuck in your life and things do not happen how you wanted them to be. I came across Soul Symphony and approached Jyoti to help me out of my woes. Trust me that was one of the best decisions of my life.decisions of my life. She helped me change my perspective to the situations that were bothering me."
Corporate Professional
"I had never imagined that a casual picture on my phone would reveal so much about me and lead me to Jyoti. The moment i contacted her i somehow felt positive about seeking her support to help me untie my ropes. I had no idea what was in store for me but her conversation over the phone motivated me enough to give it a try. I thank my stars for taking that step as talking to a professional in a clam and relaxed environment helped me really open up to my fears and insecurities. She took me to a journey of self discovery and helped me identify the spots which needed help by guiding me to certain tools and reminders to see the bright side of things. The session not only filled me with immense courage and hope but also went on help me set priorities in life. It was like lifting off of a huge weight from my heart. I am learning to reduce immediate stress and panic and enjoying things that need to be enjoyed. I am indeed surprised at the difference it has made. Thank you Jyoti for being a god sent angel"