Self Talk

What is your story?

We all are surrounded by stories. We narrate stories to others and to ourselves too. These narratives have a profound impact on our lives.

For instance, what story do you narrate to yourself when you get up in the morning?

A sad story?

A curse story?

Or an inspirational story?

Narrating stories to self is a huge part of your self-talk.

Your self-talk plays a very important role in your success journey. If you constantly rebuke yourself for your wrong decisions and criticize yourself for your deeds, it is very likely that you feel insecure and low on confidence. If you often blame others for the misfortune in your life, you will find more people who will add to this list. If you have fear or doubt as a dominant emotion which is set by you by telling a story full of doubts to yourself – you will start vibrating on the particular frequency and will attract similar situations, events and people towards you.

Do you remember meeting people who are always telling the stories of complaints and dissatisfaction to everyone they meet?

These kinds of pessimistic people tell sagas about all the wrong things in the system. Try to maintain a distance from such people because they are the ones who are telling awful stories to others. They attract more of these circumstances and by listening to them, you will also fall into their category.

Let us change the story!

The beauty of the life story is that you are the creator and you can change it!

Ask yourself; do you want to change the story?

If yes, then here is what you need to do:

  1. Start your day with the feeling of gratitude, count the blessings and be thankful for whatever you cherish in your life.
  2. Tell yourself an inspirational story where you are the protagonist who is full of self-belief and is capable of transcending all the limits to achieve what you want. Do not let even the slightest of doubt or fear creep in.
  3. Maintain a daily journal to write down all your achievements. Go back and read them in moments of low confidence.
  4. Keep distance from toxic people who are like a fountain of negativity. Have pity on them and do not contribute to the gossip bag.
  5. Make reading a daily habit.

If you are able to master the art of self-talk, you will always narrate positive and motivating stories to yourself and to others.

We spend a great amount of time talking to ourselves and thus we possess the greatest power to motivate ourselves. Love yourself with an awareness that you are a spark of light who has an ability to brighten your own life and the life of others.

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