About Me

Hi, I am Jyoti Arya

I started my coaching journey in 2015. Like every journey, mine also had saving grace and pitfalls. Coaching gave me immense opportunities to create a positive impact on this world and at the same time, it made me a better person by providing so much to learn. After graduating from Delhi University I started my career in the year 2000 as an Executive in a BPO. I got married in the year 2001 and in 2006 I stepped into training and teaching. My profile as an educator is rich as I have online and offline teaching experience wherein I have interacted with students not only from India but globally too. In the year 2017, I shifted my base from New Delhi to the beautiful and calm Chennai and my journey as a coach still continues.

As a mother of two, I have learned wonderful life lessons being a parent. In fact, each of the roles we play in this world stage makes us a better human being.

As I meet people, talk to them I feel that most of them lack clarity in their lives. Have you ever asked a question to yourself- “ who am I?” and “ why am I here ?” Sadly, being so much involved in daily mundane activities there is hardly any time to dive deeper and know the purpose of our existence.

This reminds me of a story.

Once upon a time, there was a beggar sitting on an old antique trunk. He had a peculiar way of attracting the devotees towards him. People used to give him money or food or clothes and his life was going on for several years. One day he died. People around him arranged for his last rites, all the passer-by’s contributed it. The old trunk was still at the same place. People gathered, broke the lock and opened it. Everyone was surprised to see the amount of wealth he was sitting on, the trunk was full of gold coins! But he only used it as a place to sit without realizing the potential it had to change his life.

This is analogous to our lives. We hold inside the immense potential and waste our lives in trying to extract something from outside. If we travel deep inside we would uncover the layers of limitations and can really carve out a new being who is fearless and unique.

Human behavior and the way we evolve ourselves has always remained a subject of interest for me. We all strive for a common goal HAPPINESS but the difference lies in our ways to achieve it. Interestingly, the path we choose depends on our value system which acts as a navigation system for us. Self -awareness plays a very important role here. During my own journey as a coach, I got strongly attracted to the coaching profession as it fits into my value framework.








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