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Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off.

How many are left?

What is your answer?

You can take your time. No rush!

However, I recommend you to take a moment to consider your answer.

Your answer could be one, but it is not the right answer. The right answer is five!


Because four just “decided” to jump off. That’s all they did. They did not act on their decision. And there is a big difference between deciding and acting on it.

This could be a pattern in your life too. Deciding every day to refrain from distractions, deciding every day to wake up early in the morning and start exercising, deciding every day to eat healthy and many more such decisions, which you take but fail to take action around them. When you are doing similar things every day, you cannot expect the results to be different. Deciding and not doing anything about those decisions yields no results.

However, the question is, who is going to ask you and hold you accountable for the decisions and goals, which you have set for yourself? They may be long-term goals or daily goals.

To help you succeed in life and to make you realize your potential, a life coach is a right choice.

A Life Coach is the one who can help you engage in a thought-provoking, powerful and creative conversation wherein you can realize your hidden potentials and expand the possibilities by identifying your blind spots. Moreover, coaches who know the modalities like NLP can make you touch your subconscious and can help you overcome the negative patterns engraved in your mind since ages. They also help you to increase your productivity.

You may ask, can productivity be increased without doing anything?

Well, we thrive to enhance productivity at work and love to have fulfilling and beautiful personal relationships. But, the bitter truth is that we keep on trying for all this, yet, swing like a pendulum touching happiness at one end and sadness on the other.

There is no state of equilibrium where we can stop and enjoy a healthy state of mind. Does it really exist? The answer is yes, it does exist. Not outside but within.

Soul Symphony, a Life Coaching entity can help you synchronize your mind, body and soul and uncover your potential which remains subdued due to factors like stress, anxiety, anger and conflict. Life Coach Jyoti Arya who is also the founder at Soul Symphony is capable of creating a strong rapport with you and can travel in your world through this bridge. 

At Soul Symphony I will work with you to bring an inner shift and you will start looking at life with a fresh new perspective. You will feel empowered to create and experience a life full of abundance.”, says Jyoti Arya.

 Even when you are not doing anything but having a conversation with a coach, you seamlessly come out of the negative patterns and set your goals for a fruitful future. A coach will never leave you on your own. The coach would help you find your direction, would hold you accountable for your plans and will follow up with you as well.

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