Do you need -Phone Life Balance or work life balance?

Striking a good work life balance has always been a task but it has somehow taken a back seat and relationships are suffering because of one’s inability to strike a right chord between Using Phone and Living Present moments! This gives rise to a new requirement THE PHONE LIFE BALANCE.

Smart Phones are no more a luxury, they have become a necessity in this age of digitization. I wonder how the world was functioning before the advent of these little monsters.

I remember, when I used to go out with friends or went to college, my mother always asked me, “when will you be back”? The simple answer would be telling her the approximate time. But my life as a mother has become much more complex. I can track my children’s movement every second! Now, rather than creating an ease this has created anxiety. If he is late by 10 mins- I am worried.

Even with a handful of apps on my phone, the notifications do bother me every minute. This reduces the focus significantly.

How to deal with this?

  • Ask yourself a question every time you are glued to the phone-“ Is this adding value to me”
  • Avoid using phone when your spouse or children are around.
  • Set specified time limit for social media usage.
  • Capture moments in your memory, it is more fulfilling.

Carry more feelings for each other rather than pictures clicked together. Holding your partners hand and expressing your love can be more fulfilling than clicking a picture for your WhatsApp profile.

Smartphones brings us closer to people who live far away but it also takes us far from people we stay close to. In some recent studies it has been established that people can stay away from their families for a week but can’t stay away from their phones. How phony this life has become with false status updates and vacations full of selfies rather than lovable moments…

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