Coaching for Teachers

Coaching for Teachers

Story of a Teacher

A human being is most indebted to his teacher than anyone else on this earth. We owe huge gratitude to all our teachers and specially to school teachers. 

We have numerous colleges and universities who impart education programs to enable someone to become a teacher. There is a wide range of subjects covered but unfortunately, there is no module which enables a teacher to deal with the demands of this profession which requires a lot of patience, balance and creativity. Along with this a teacher has to work on two fronts tirelessly – one being home and the other being her work place. 

I can relate to life of a teacher because I have myself played this role in the past. A teacher’s life revolves around notebooks, worksheets, grading assignments and lot more. Above all taking all this stuff to home is also very common. There is a constant disbalance of work and life. 

So, I offer individual and group programs for Teachers which are highly customized keeping in mind the life of a teacher. Whether you manage a team of teachers or you are yourself a teacher, you will find a Coaching program here to suit your requirements. 

As a teacher you can contact me and enroll in individual coaching to strengthen your capabilities. If you are a senior leader of a school or a college and you want a transformation in your work culture and enhance the productivity of your team you can get in touch to arrange a group program as per your requirement.

Why Soul Symphony?

Most of the times the training programs which are offered to teachers focus on their professional capabilities as they are capacity building programs but the programs created by us aim at developing the personal faculties which enables the attendees to see the blind spots which are never revealed otherwise. I personally conduct these programs and make sure that the participants have an experiential session. 

What is there for you?

When you or your team participate in the program there are many insights which you can be carried for life. All the workshops create awareness and present  simple tools and techniques which can be followed daily to improve the quality of life. The key differentiator is that these workshops are Coaching sessions they are not training sessions. Coaching is a co-creative process where a coach acts as a catalyst to bring about positive change  and strive to make the coaches independent unlike training which only adheres to a particular skill or agenda.

Key Topics covered

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Work Life Balance
  3. Motivation
  4. How to deal with stress
  5. Team spirit
  6. Conflict Resolution
  7. Emotional Resilience
  8. Managing Failures
  9. Nurturing relationships
  10. Mindfulness to enhance productivity

How it works?

Whether you are an Educator or a senior Leader of a school, you can contact us for through phone or email to discuss the requirement. A customised package will be created to suit your needs.