I do not believe in loading you with the usual corporate GYAN. I will simply clean the layers of confusion to uncover the GOLD in you! To inculcate the purity of thought and action, to orient you in a positive direction and unleash the potential in you so that you become strong-willed and impactful.

-Jyoti Arya

What I Do?

I coach women professionals to be braver and courageous so that they can climb up the ladder of leadership swiftly in this VUCA world.

The daily humdrum is so noisy and impacts the ability to listen to one’s own desire to gain clarity, peace, and balance. Almost each one of us is entangled into the mundane web of earning and spending and sometimes waiting for a long time to spend what one has earned in a lifetime. Life is divided into weekdays and weekends. Weekdays will go running pillar to post and weekends are consumed to complete some necessary tasks and visits to malls and movie theatres with one’s family. This cycle goes on and on for years and years.

Women who work in corporate culture have to deal with many more issues in addition to this. Along with the ever-prevailing gender bias, there exists the fear of dealing efficiently with additional responsibility with the rise in position. The mental conditioning of a woman does not allow her to keep aside everything and concentrate on her professional growth. She is expected to take care of the family like a wonder women who never get physically and mentally tired.

All this gives rise to a mental state of confusion, guilt, inefficiency and a feeling of I am not enough. As a consequence, there is a decline in productivity and overall performance.

How to deal with all this?

Often this question must have come into your mind.

You have two options

  • Let it be like this. Time is a great teacher and you will somehow, someday learn to deal with these negative emotions.
  • Seek help from a professional coach who can guide you on how to navigate your life towards a positive path.

Many people say,” I do not need anyone to tell me how to live life”-Very true, You are your own boss but simply answer my questions

  • Are you happy?
  • Are you in full control of your emotions?
  • Can you deal with negative situations and inculcate positivity in yourself?
  • Is this the state of mind you want yourself to remain in?

If you get all the answers in affirmative- You are awesome! If not then you are great, because you are at the right place, reading the right stuff. So, read further

“Coaching” comes as a relief from all the noise as it will make you dive deep inside and find out answers to all your questions. Coaching is a creative process where a Coach acts as a catalyst to the process of personal growth.

Coaching as a Human Development tool is adopted by fortune 500 companies to prepare its leaders for this VUCA world. Not only this Coaching has helped many people achieve the unachievable*. So whether you are a leader or a prospective leader or maybe you just aspire to grow higher, you are at the right place.***

You must be wondering what is there for you? And how you can be a part of this journey? Let me answer your queries

Coaching can do wonders for you

– If you are really passionate about your growth

– If you have the willingness to change and you are aware of your hidden potential

– If you feel that you deserve much more

– If you feel that you are in a stuck state

You can connect with us for a workshop or individual sessions for your team or for yourself. Fill in the Contact Form and you will receive a callback. We will chalk out a coaching plan for you within 24 hours of our first interaction.